1st Education Career Fair EDU OFFSHORE WIND 2023

Innovative career orientations for secondary school students



On 14-15 March 2023, the 1st Education Career Fair EDU OFFSHORE WIND will be held at the Amber Expo hall in Gdansk.

The education fair is a response to the great interest in the offshore wind industry in Poland. Educating young people is one of the key conditions for the development and success of this sector. The demand for new but already qualified employees in the near future is estimated at several thousand, and in the longer term up to 60,000 people. In order to fill this gap, we need to think today about the generation that is still learning in primary and secondary schools. Hence the idea of the trade fair as a venue for direct contact and discussions with future employees and employers in the offshore sector in a friendly atmosphere. The development of competencies at secondary school level, as well as already at primary school level, is given priority within the activities of the Pomeranian Platform for Offshore Wind Energy Development in the Baltic Sea. This is confirmed by the initiative of the Pomeranian Centre of Competence for Offshore Renewable Energy in Rumia, which is now responsible for running the education and information programme.

The EDU OFFSHORE WIND trade fair to be held on 14-15 March 2023 in Gdansk is the first event dedicated to offshore wind energy in Poland on such a scale.

The event is organised by representatives of the Pomeranian Platform for Offshore Wind Energy Development on the Baltic Sea (Rumia Invest Park sp. z o.o., Co-Made Sp. z o.o, and the Foundation for Innovative Offshore Energy Industry) together with the Gdańsk International Fair S.A. The fair will be held under the patronage of the Self-Government of Pomorskie Voivodeship and the City of Gdansk.

Offshore wind farm developers, turbine manufacturers and all other participants in the supply chain responsible for the construction and installation or operation of the farms have been invited to participate as exhibitors. Also participating will be GWO schools, universities, employers’ associations and many others.

The organisers have also planned a so-called ‘inspiration zone’, which will include a series of events in an interactive format to encourage young participants’ interest in the SHP sector. In addition, visitors will be able to attend meetings with Polish industry employees, who will talk about how they got started in the sector, what the benefits are and what advice they have for students who would like to associate their career with offshore wind energy.

EDU OFFSHORE WIND 2023 will be the finale of an entire educational programme that is already underway in secondary schools in all districts of the Pomeranian Voivodeship. The programme consists of workshops at selected schools, extensive online presentations: on the YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/@eduoffshorewind), TikTok, Instagram or Facebook, etc., during which students learn the secrets of wind energy – the finished lessons are published not only on the YouTube channel but also on a specially prepared educational platform.

There will also be competitions with attractive prizes (in kind and in the form of study visits) for young people and schools for active participation in the whole programme. The event will be followed by panel discussions in webinar format aimed at parents and teachers, among others.

To register visit website: http://eduoffshorewind.pl/