BalticWind.EU Country Report POLAND / Q1 2023


We are pleased to present to you the next in a series of reports summarising the Polish offshore wind energy market.  In 1Q2023, energy topics continued to be dominated by initiatives emphasising the need to accelerate the construction of offshore wind projects in order to strengthen energy security as a response to Russia’s war in Ukraine. The reason for it is also the ongoing energy crisis, which brings a fair amount of anxiety in the energy markets for consumers, power generators and investors in new wind capacity projects. The answer is EU energy market reforms to accelerate RES projects, including offshore wind. On our daily basis we are presenting details of these initiatives i.e. electricity market design revision, as well as “Net-Zero Industrial Act”.

In this report we continue to present best practices from the most developed markets. This time we take a closer look at the Dutch experiences. They are extremely interesting given the vast experience in the maritime sector, the fact that the Netherlands was one of the first countries to install wind turbines offshore already in 1994, as well as huge impact on the European offshore wind market where Dutch companies already hold app. 25% of the market. We would like to thank the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Poland for its patronage of this report and for its assistance in preparing the material. We strongly encourage you to read this part of the report, headed by an interview with the Ambassador Daphne Bergsma.

As announced in previous reports, we are closely following the implementation of the Polish offshore wind sectoral agreement, the so-called ‘Sector Deal’, and the development of individual projects.

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