27 01, 2022

GWO: The offshore wind industry can expect rapid expansion of global standard training

By |2022-01-27T13:44:26+01:00January 27th, 2022|OPINIONS|

Global Wind Organization is the industry organization responsible for safety training standards for more than 90,000 wind energy workers worldwide. Training standards are a guarantee of the safety of employees in the RES sector and for the quality of wind projects. We ask GWO about 2022 forecasts for the offshore wind industry. Read the [...]

4 01, 2022

Gregor Scott: The designing of vessels is to ensure that they would be future proof 

By |2022-01-03T23:29:50+01:00January 4th, 2022|OPINIONS|

Offshore wind energy will not develop without raw materials, technology, transmission lines or ports. The growth of offshore wind around the world is creating more and more opportunities for ship owners and operators to maximize profits and grow their business in this industry. Gregor Scott, Head of Havfram’s Business Acquisition [...]

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