Metsähallitus is a Finnish state-owned forestry company with the ambitious goals of developing the Korsnäs offshore wind farm, which will be located 15 km from the coast of the municipality of the same name, in the waters of the Baltic Sea.

The company announced its intentions already in 2020, and more specifically about the start of the planning process. The target capacity of the offshore wind farm will be at least 1400 MW. The power plant will include 70-100 turbines with a capacity of 12-20 MW. The investment cost is EUR 1.5-2.5 billion. The construction of the farm will take approximately 4 years. The industry portal has announced detailed plans. The Korsnäs offshore wind farm could be put into operation as early as 2028 in a water area managed by the company itself. The area is included in the Maritime Spatial Development Plan for electricity production. The municipality of Korsnäs has already approved the proposed plans for the construction of the farm.

Currently, the state-owned company is looking for a partner to implement the project. The environmental impact assessment procedure will start in 2021, while the first environmental studies were to start in spring 2021. The average wind speed at the farm installation site may exceed 9 m / s.

One of the preconditions for the construction of an offshore wind farm is the availability of suitable ports. There are three large harbors in the vicinity of the farm construction in Kaskinen, Kristiina and Vaasa. Metsähallitus is currently analyzing their operational and storage capacity.

Finland wants to be the first country in the world to be completely fossil-free until 2035. Metsähallitus plays a key role as it is possible to build a significant number of wind farms in the state-owned areas it manages.

“So far, there is little offshore wind production in Finland and we want to commit to making it possible to develop and turn it into a sustainable and socially influential business,” commented Otto Swanljung, wind energy manager at Metsähallitus in October.

The company is counting on great development impulses for the municipality of Korsnäs and the Vaasa region. Christina Båssar, the mayor of Korsnäs, said the offshore wind energy farm could finally fill the leech following the closure of the Outokumpu mine in the 1970s as it is difficult to create jobs in rural areas.