Estonian grid operator Elering and Latvian operator Augstsprieguma tīkls (AST) commissioned consulting firm BLIX to complete a four-level study that concludes that there are no obstacles to the healthy development of offshore wind in the Baltic Sea region.

BLIX is an independent onshore and offshore wind consulting firm with offices in, amongst others, the Netherlands or Poland. The center reported on Linkedin that the four-level study commissioned by the operators consists of an offshore technology catalog, a high-level planning review, a Pre-FEED study, and a Right-of-way study. The objective was to assess the feasibility of future offshore transmission infrastructure projects.

In BLIX’s opinion, there do not seem to be any specific Estonian and/or Latvian local problems that could prevent the start-up of offshore wind projects, and therefore the knowledge and technology available globally can be used.

The study also provided insight into where data is mostly missing, and BLIX suggested how to fill those gaps, according to Linkedin.