Deep Wind Offshore is submitting a permit application for the construction and operation of an offshore wind farm on the south coast of Sweden. The Olof Skötkonung wind farm in the Gulf of Bothnia, northeast of Gävleborg and Uppsala counties. The planned wind park will include a maximum of 70 wind turbines. 

– Deep Wind Offshore sees great potential for offshore wind power in Sweden. The last two years we have been working on two area, and submitting the application is really a milestone for the company, says Knut Vassbotn, CEO of Deep Wind Offshore. 

Olof Skötkonung is estimated to be able to produce approximately 7,5 TWh of electricity per year, which corresponds to large parts of Gävleborg’s and Uppsala county’s electricity consumption. The wind farm’s electricity production can also help large emitters in the surrounding area to adjust. In total, the park is estimated to lead to reduced carbon emissions by 3,2 million tonnes, covering a great deal of emissions from industry, waste and power production in the area.

New year, new markets

Deep Wind Offshore is an international developer and owner of offshore wind farms, headquartered in Norway and strongly supported by industrial and financial owners. The company works in partnership with bp on the projects in South Korea and EDF Renewables on the projects in Norway. It has a portfolio of more than 10 GW – including 2 GW under exclusive development in South Korea.

– We are moving at a fast pace in all markets, on both maturing and developing projects. Next year, we will launch several new markets. Wherever we are, we are committed to building local industry, with local employees, says Vassbotn. 

– In terms of our Nordic operations, we strongly believe that Norwegian offshore expertise and Swedish industrial tradition are a perfect combination for the development of offshore wind power in Sweden, says Vassbotn. 

Good condition for hydrogen production

Deep Wind Offshore also has partners for both land-based and sea-based hydrogen production, which can become an important part of the solution for the project.

– The Swedish projects are excellent to both produce power for the grid and to produce hydrogen. Sweden has several industries that will use hydrogen in the future, and in addition pipelines are planned on the seabed for the export of hydrogen to Germany, says Vassbotn. 

Source: Deep Wind Offshore