On October 4, zero-carbon solutions provider Enersense acquired all shares of Pori Offshore Constructions, a company with extensive know-how in the offshore wind sector. This was a major factor in the investment decision.

The transaction was made by Enersense Works, a subsidiary of Enersense International, which belongs to the smart industry segment. By acquiring the company, Enersense wants to move up the value chain in the offshore wind sector. The acquisition will also provide Enersense with new business opportunities, for example in biogas, gas, hydrogen and hydropower projects.

Pori Offshore Constructions has considerable experience in the offshore wind sector and aspirations to develop dedicated technology. The company has supplied the steel framework for the world’s first floating offshore wind power plant, which is also a pilot project for a wind power plant operating in ice conditions. The company is bidding for the right to design a platform-foundation that can be used in the Baltic Sea during the coldest winters.

“The Baltic and North Sea regions offer excellent conditions for energy production from offshore wind farms. According to the EU’s offshore strategy, the aim is to increase offshore wind capacity in Europe from the current 12 GW to 300 GW by 2050. Almost €800 billion of investment is needed to achieve this goal. Together, Pori Offshore Constructions and Enersense are well positioned to respond to the rapidly growing demand for offshore energy”, said Jussi Holopainen, executive director of Enersense International.