The Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Lithuania announced that the winner of the competition for the job of conducting hydrological and meteorological measurements for the first Lithuanian wind farm in the Baltic Sea has been announced. The parameter measurements in the Baltic Sea will be carried out by the Spanish company EOLOS Floating Lidar Solutions.

The Spanish service provider was selected by the Lithuanian Energy Agency, following an international public procurement process. The measurements and their results will be critical for developers to select turbine models with the appropriate capacity, assess their ability to generate power and assess their viability in the maritime environment.

EOLOS Floating Lidar Solutions SL, which will measure elements of the marine environment, will make measurements of, for example, wind speed and direction, atmospheric pressure, air temperature and relative humidity, peak wave height, strength and direction as well as water level. Measurements will be made using Lidar technology.

The supplier undertook to provide the services within 15 months from the signing of the agreement with the Ministry of Energy of Lithuania.

On 22 June 2020, the Government of the Republic of Lithuania decided to install the first offshore wind farm with a capacity of up to 700 MW in the Baltic Sea by 2028, which could generate about 2.5-3 TWh of electricity per year, almost a quarter of Lithuania’s current electricity needs, and create about 1,300 jobs.

Source: Ministry of Energy of Lithuania