PGE Baltica has signed a two-year turn-key campaign with EOLOS Floating Lidar Solutions after a competitive public tender process that concluded earlier this month. This new campaign in the Baltic Sea adds yet another reference in the Baltic Sea for the Spanish vendor which successfully completed a similar campaign for Baltica-3 back in 2019.

The contract is being executed with the measuring campaign expected to commence in April 2022.

“The rate of progress Poland has made regarding its commitment to diversifying from its thermal generation sources is instructive to other nations that have traditionally a coal-based generation portfolio. The decision to invest in a site-specific resource measuring campaign is a clear signal along the path of developing their pipeline. We are naturally very pleased to be awarded such a campaign that will be a driver for the subsequent financing prior to construction, implemented via the strict application of the public tender process. This reference raises the profile of EOLOS in the region, where we forecast additional opportunities from the Baltic states”, Julian Harland, Sales Director pointed out.

EOLOS is a company dedicated to the measurement and characterization of the meteoceanic conditions of marine sites at a global level for the Wind Offshore Industry.

The PGE Group’s investment programmes implemented over the next decade will aim at low and zero-carbon transition of the Polish energy mix. The PGE Group will intensively develop the wind and photovoltaic direction during this period. By 2030, two PGE Group offshore farms will be built with a total capacity of 2.5 GW and another 1 GW after 2030. The potential of the Baltic Sea will be fully utilized and the PGE project base will be supplemented by another 3.0 GW.

Source: Eolos, PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna