30 Zealand wind turbine owners visited Port Klintholm on 25 October, where the Danish trade association Wind Denmark held the last of this year’s five regional meetings, which in addition to Port Klintholm were also held in Vejle, Ikast, Vojens and Aalborg. As announced, Port Klintholm will be expanded to accommodate four to six wind turbine operators.

The last regional meeting organised by Wind Denmark took place in Klintholm harbour. The port is just 12 nautical miles from the Kriegers Flak wind farm (604 MW), which opened in September, and has service port status for this power plant. Thorsten Gregersen, who is the business development manager of Vordingborg Erhverv, told during the meeting, among other things, that Kriegers Flak has already led to the establishment of two wind operators (Vattenfall and EnBW) in the port and created more than a hundred permanent jobs in the municipality of Vordingborg.

“The port of Klintholm is interesting to the municipality of Vordingborg because as a service port for both Baltic 2 and Kriegers Flak it creates hundreds of local jobs. This is why we launched the Baltic Sea Offshore Hub project with the ambition that Port Klintholm will be East Denmark’s answer to Port Esbjerg as a hub for green energy in the Baltic Sea”, Gregersen said.

The development plan for the Baltic Sea Offshore Hub includes an investment of around DKK 135 million, which will help to accelerate the development of green business over the next few years.

Gregersen pointed out that there is a need to give further impetus to offshore wind projects in the Baltic Sea as they generate local jobs.

“Port Klintholm will be expanded to accommodate four to six wind turbine operators. This will create an additional 600-700 local jobs and thus be a huge benefit to the municipality of Vordingborg”, Gregersen said, as quoted by Wind Denmark.

New location sought for Hesselø, opportunity for Klintholm harbour

As reported on BalticWind.EU, the tender for the Hesselø offshore wind farm has been put on hold due to the discovery of soft clay soils, especially in the northern and western parts of the original site, increasing the need to find new areas where new offshore wind farms could be built. This brought attention to the Kriegers Flak North and South fields in the Baltic Sea, which are highly suitable for offshore wind turbines.

“It makes sense to further accelerate the development of offshore wind farms at Kriegers Flak, as we have the basic infrastructure to support offshore wind turbines from the Baltic Offshore Hub at Klintholm Port. We are ready,” says Thorsten Gregersen, as quoted in the Vordingborg Erhverv announcement.