Hydrometeorological surveys have begun in areas of future offshore wind farms in the Baltic Sea, reports the Lithuanian Energy Agency. On Tuesday, the first station used for measurement was anchored.

The measurement technology was provided by a Spanish company Eolos Floating Lidar Solutions. For a year, the company’s experts will collect data on wind speed and direction, atmospheric pressure, temperature, humidity and sea waves.

The Lithuanian Energy Agency stresses that the results will be of great importance to offshore wind farm developers when it comes to, among other things, the selection of suitable wind turbines.

Lithuania plans to invest in its first 700 MW offshore wind farm, which will be built by 2030. As early as next year, the first auction for the Baltic Sea wind farm will begin. The winner will be chosen in 2024. It is expected to provide 3 TWh of energy.

Source: BNS, Linkedin, Lietuvos Energetikos Agentūra / Lithuanian Energy Agency