As we read on Klaipeda Port website, on 12 October there was a meeting of the port authorities with representatives of RWE Renewables investor. The two sides discussed offshore energy development in the Baltic Sea.

Representatives of RWE Renewables, one of the largest energy companies in the Baltic region, visited the port of Klaipeda in October to discuss the development of offshore wind energy in the Baltic Sea.

Algis Latakas, head of Klaipeda port, informed that the port authorities are open to all potential investors.

– Today we heard the needs of RWE Renewables representatives, we evaluated their conditions and we are ready to meet them. We hope that companies considering investments in one of the Baltic ports will choose Klaipeda because here they will find the most favourable conditions for business development”, convinces Latakas.

Representatives of RWE Renewables were acquainted with Klaipeda harbour conditions, its activities, and services. The guests were presented with the directions of development of the only port in Lithuania and the ongoing projects. It also focused on the offshore wind farm project near Klaipeda and presented potential development areas for offshore wind energy activities in the Lithuanian port area.

The preparatory phase for the construction of Lithuania’s first offshore wind farm, of about 700 MW power capacity, in the Baltic Sea has already begun. The wind farm, about 30 kilometers offshore, is expected to be built by 2030.

RWE Renewables is part of the RWE Group, one of the largest energy companies in Europe and the second largest in the world in terms of installed capacity of the offshore wind farms currently operating. The company employs around 3,500 people and supports the development of renewable energy in more than 15 countries. RWE Renewables has been a member of the Lithuanian Wind Energy Association since July 2020.