Swedish company Svea Vind Offshore AB intends to apply for a permit for the Gretas Klackar 1 offshore wind farm. As part of this process, it invites written consultation.

Svea Vind Offshore plans to build an offshore wind farm in the Baltic Sea in the municipality of Hudiksvall, 30 km southeast of Hudiksvall. Written consultation on the planned Gretas Klackar 1 offshore wind farm in Hudiksvall will be conducted in accordance with Chapter 6, Sections 29-32 of the Environmental Code.

Consultation meetings with the public were held on 10 and 11 November 2021 in Hudiksvall, reports inwesror. Following the reduction of the number of turbines to 107 and the replacement of the earlier proposal for a cable corridor through Hudiksvall Fjord with two alternative routes, written follow-up consultations are being conducted. Comments can be submitted until 18 March 2022.

The Gretas Klackar 1 wind farm project will consist of up to 107 wind turbines with a total height of 350 meters. The project is located approx. 6 km east of Agö lighthouse, approx. 9 km southeast of Hornslandet, approx. 26 km northeast of Långvinds bruk and approx. 30 km southeast of Hudiksvall.

Gretas Klackar 1 Grahics: Svea Vind Offshore

Gretas Klackar 1 is expected to produce approximately 7.9 TWh of electricity per year, making a significant contribution to meeting the rapidly growing electricity demand of the Gävleborg region