In June, we informed that the Norwegian seismic research company Green Energy Group (SeaBird Exploration Plc) will execute its first contract in the offshore wind energy sector. The contract covers the charter of the Petrel Explorer vessel, that is, a floating hotel. The company announced another contract extension.

Implementation of the contract began at the end of April and was originally supposed to last 4 months in the waters of the Baltic Sea. This is the company’s first such contract in the offshore wind energy sector. The details of the agreement have not been given, the vessel itself will be operated during the wind farm service. It was also not indicated which farm was covered by the contract.

We read in the company’s announcement that, in reference to the information of April 14 and August 18, 2021, the contract to support the implementation of the offshore wind farm project was extended by another month, thanks to which the total duration of the contract is six months, and its completion is planned at the beginning November 2021. This is the first operation of the company in the renewable energy sources segment.

The Petrel Explorer unit joined the company’s fleet in 2019. The ship can operate in waters on a global scale. It is currently only available to investors as part of a charter. The ship was built in 2008 and is equipped with 40 cabins and 54 berths. It also has one conference room, 2 living rooms, a gym and two offices for clients.