The Danish Energy Agency invites citizens, stakeholders, authorities and others with an interest in the future Energiø Bornholm to submit questions and comments on the Draft Plan for Program Energiø Bornholm and the associated Environmental Report.

The Danish Energy Agency initiates an 8-week consultation on the Draft Plan for Program Energiø Borholm with the accompanying Environmental Report. The consultation runs over the period from Monday 2 October to Friday 24 November 2023.

In connection with the consultation, citizen meetings will be held on Bornholm and Zealand.

Bornholm: Wednesday 25 October 2023 at 18.30, at Green Solution House, Strandvejen 79, 3700 Rønne.

Zealand: Thursday 26 October 2023 at 18.30, at the address: Thon Partner Hotel Høje Taastrup, Carl Gustavs Gade 1, 2630 Taastrup.

What happens after the hearing?

After the consultation, the Danish Energy Agency will review the consultation responses and, if necessary, update the plan. The Danish Energy Agency will then prepare a summary report, which will be published together with the final adopted plan.
In connection with the specific projects on land and sea, an environmental impact assessment of the projects must be carried out. Here, the significant environmental impacts must be clarified and the public involved before an establishment permit can be granted.

About Bornholm Energy Island

The Danish Parliament has decided that from 2030 Bornholm will be the collection point for 3 GW of green power from offshore wind turbines, which will be placed in the Baltic Sea approx. 15 kilometers from Bornholm coast. On the island, the current is transformed into direct current, which can be transported over long distances in sea and land cables – initially to Zealand and Germany.

The onshore substation will be located approximately one kilometer south of Nylars, Lodbæk and Aakirkeby and can supply green energy, corresponding to the electricity consumption of 3.3 million Danish households. This will more than double Denmark’s current installed offshore wind power capacity.

The tender for the offshore wind farms is undertaken by The Danish Energy Agency, while Energinet is responsible for the tendering process and establishment of onshore facilities and transmission cables.

Bornholm Energy Island will be one of the largest construction projects in the history of Denmark, and marks a new era for production of offshore wind power on an unprecedented scale.

Read more about the relevant consultation material and information on how to participate in the consultation etc.

Source: Danish Energy Agency