As reported by the Baltic Sea news agency BNS, an international tender for an environmental impact assessment (EIA) for wind turbines in the Lithuanian part of the Baltic Sea should end soon.

The tender announced by the Lithuanian Energy Agency was won by the Coastal Research and Planning Institute (lit. Pajūrio tyrimų ir planavimo institutu), which scored 95.69 points. The second bidder, Sweco Lietuva (80 points), said it would not appeal. This is related to, among other things, the unfavorable decision of the District Court in Vilnius in early July 2021 and – as the company’s representative pointed out in an interview with BNS – the stages of the order are very tight. “You cannot monitor the birds at any time, which is what the project requires,” said CEO Artūras Abromavičius. In early July, the court rejected Sweco Lithuania’s request to re-evaluate the cost-effectiveness of the bids and to prepare a new tender.

The value of the tender announced in December 2020 is EUR 1.9 million for the implementation of the environmental impact assessment. The contract with the winner will be signed by a representative of the winning bidder and the Ministry of Energy.

Lithuania is planning to build a 700 MW wind farm in the Baltic Sea that would generate up to 3 TWh of electricity, which corresponds to 25 percent of the country’s electricity demand. Building a farm may create over 1,300 jobs.

Source: BNS/Delfi