For the offshore wind industry, besides dedicated study programs and technical schools, the training offer is also crucial. One of the training centres in Poland uses VR (virtual reality) technologies. Tomasz Lisiecki, Chairman of the Board of the New CompetencIes Centre (NCC), comments for BalticWind.EU. The commentary was originally published in “BalticWind.EU Quarterly Country Report Poland Q1 2022″.

In Poland, the New CompetencIes Centre (NCC) operates and provides training and vocational courses for operators of specialised equipment, mainly in the port, offshore, logistics, transport, and construction sectors. Tomasz Lisiecki, in response to BalticWind.EU’s questions, points out that NCC trainers are the only ones in Poland who use innovative simulators with the help of virtual reality technology, which positively influences the quality and safety of training as well as further work of trainees. Future employees of the offshore wind energy sector can also apply to NCC.

“NCC isactive in many bodies dealing with the industry and education for the industry. It offers a wide range of courses and training programs dedicated to the offshore industry, such as: floating crane operator, deck crane operator, self-propelled crane operator and wind turbine stowage. Constantly, by monitoring the market, we work on introducing new training options and courses that meet the needs of the dynamically developing offshore wind market in Poland. We are open to suggestions and cooperation of the participants of the emerging supply chain of the sector in Poland”, says Lisiecki.

NCC’s offer is constantly growing in line with the market demand, including the offshore wind sector in Poland. “As NCC we are a part of the supply chain for the offshore wind sector in Poland. Its development is important to us, which is why we work with partners to maximise local content. It seems that people with competences and authorizations will be our biggest contribution”, comments Tomasz Lisiecki.

NCC is currently working on a training course for CTV (Crew Transfer Vessel) personnel using the aforementioned VR (Virtual Reality) technology, which will soon be a part of their regular offer.

The full article you can read in BalticWind.EU Quarterly Country Report Poland Q1 2022.