Representatives from the Freeport of Ventspils Authority made their inaugural appearance at the WindEurope 2024 exhibition and conference in Bilbao, Spain, indicating Latvia’s foray into the European wind energy discourse. Led by Igors Udodovs, Deputy CEO of the Freeport of Ventspils, alongside Kristīne Jansone, Development Project Manager, and Kaspars Liepiņš, Developer of the Green Energy Cluster, the delegation showcased Ventspils’ potential as a hub for offshore wind initiatives in the Baltic Sea region.

Leveraging its strategic geographic location and existing logistical infrastructure, Ventspils aims to position itself as a viable base for the construction and maintenance of offshore wind farms. Partnering with Dutch firm “Witteveen+Bos,” known for its expertise in port construction, Ventspils is conducting a feasibility study to optimise its facilities for servicing offshore wind operations, including the development of a new port terminal.

Under the theme “Our wind, our value – Creating value for Europe, living up to Europe’s values,” WindEurope 2024 facilitated discussions on the role of wind energy in Europe’s transition towards sustainability. With the European Union targeting a substantial increase in wind energy’s contribution to the electricity mix by 2030, conversations at the event underscored the need for enhanced infrastructure and collaborative efforts across the industry.

The event, which draws over 12,000 participants annually, serves as a platform for knowledge exchange and networking among stakeholders, including government officials, academia, and industry players. Spain’s continued hosting of the conference underscores its prominence in the global wind energy sector.

As Europe strives to meet its renewable energy targets, Ventspils’ exploration of offshore wind opportunities signals a potential avenue for the Baltic region to contribute to the continent’s green energy transition. With ongoing efforts and strategic partnerships, Ventspils seeks to play a role in shaping the future of renewable energy in Europe.