Offshore Wind Energy Center at Gdańsk University of Technology is following up its series of open lectures with specialists from the wind energy industry. It is holding a meeting with Prof. Carlo L. Bottasso who holds the Chair position at Technical University of Munich, Germany, where he is the foundering director of the Wind Energy Institute. He will deliver the lecture “The future of wind beyond economic competitiveness” on Friday, December 9th.

As Professor Bottasso indicateswind energy is playing a vital role in the energy transition, thanks to a steady improvement of the technology and a dramatic fall of its costs. Indeed, many countries worldwide have extremely ambitious goals for the future development of wind, both onshore and offshore. But, what innovations are needed to match these goals? And -now that wind energy is cheaper than many alternatives- how can we increase its overall value for society? In this talk we will try to answer these pressing questions, and offer an outlook on the possible future development pathways of wind energy.

Professor Bottasso’s research interests are in wind energy and rotorcraft technology, with particular reference to modeling and simulation, aero-servo-elasticity, control and design. On these topics he has co-authored over 400 publications, including over 120 peer-reviewed journal papers.

Source: Gdańsk University of Technology