With an extensive experience in the energy sector, especially in onshore and offshore wind power businesses, Alfonso Faubel became the new Chair of Ignitis Group Supervisory Board. He was elected by the new Supervisory Board of the Group in its first meeting held on 29 October.

The elected Chair of the Supervisory Board, who is an independent member, during the last 10 years, gained valuable experience in the energy sector and renewables, both in onshore and offshore wind power businesses. Alfonso Faubel also has held executive responsibilities in Siemens Gamesa and Alstom/GE, which are leading players in the global wind market. When assuming the role of Senior Vice President at Alstom/GE, he contributed towards launching businesses in 16 new markets.

Alfonso Faubel is an executive with over 34 years of diverse experience in energy, digitization and automotive industries and is valued for his skills in business turnaround, improving operational excellence, working with teams in different cultural environments on assignments worldwide.

“First of all, I would like to thank you for your confidence in me, I am truly honoured to be elected as the Chair of the Supervisory Board of Ignitis Group. Ignitis Group has continued to demonstrate leadership in the energy sector of the Baltic states and has ambitious goals set to create and develop new energy solutions towards a net zero society. I believe that the new composition of the Supervisory Board will become a reliable partner contributing towards the success story of the Group and towards creating an energy smart world”, said Alfonso Faubel.

The Supervisory Board of the parent company comprises seven members: five independent members, including the Chair, and two representatives of the Ministry of Finance, the majority shareholder of the Group.

Each independent Supervisory Board member is responsible for a different field of the Group’s activities. Alfonso Faubel will lead renewable energy, Lorraine Wrafter – organisational development, Tim Brooks – sustainable development and risk management, Bent Christensen – strategic management and international development, and Judith Buss – financial management.

According to the Corporate Governance Guidelines of Ignitis Group, the Supervisory Board is a supervisory collegial body, which is elected by the General Meeting of Shareholders for a four-year term.

Source: Ignitis Group