More than 60 representatives from 30 institutions that are or will be involved in administrative procedures related to the preparation and implementation of offshore wind farm took part in a meeting organized on June 7 in Gdańsk. The event was addressed to stakeholders from the public administration sector, local government administration sector and institutions involved in the processes of obtaining key approvals, permits and administrative decisions.

Baltic Power is currently the most dynamically developing offshore wind farm project in the Polish part of the Baltic Sea. In connection with its progress, representatives of the company systematically meet with subsequent groups of stakeholders who are particularly interested in the process of its preparation and subsequent implementation.

The event was opened with a lecture on the energy transition we are witnessing in Poland and the role of the offshore wind sector in this process. It was complemented by a presentation on the development potential of the offshore wind sector and the current status of preparations for the Baltic Power project. During the meeting, representatives from ministries, marine offices and services, local government units and key public institutions had the opportunity to learn in detail about the project’s administrative procedures and the resulting regulatory challenges. The entire event was closed with up-to-date information on service ports and the project’s supply chain potential at the level of Poland as well as the Pomeranian and Western Pomeranian regions.

Construction of the Baltic Power offshore wind farm is a joint undertaking carried out by ORLEN Group and Northland Power. The project area, with a total surface of about 131 km2, is located approx. 23 km north of the Baltic coastline, at the height of Łeba and Choczewo. The project with a capacity of up to 1.2 GW, whose construction is scheduled for 2024–2025, will ultimately provide clean energy for up to one million households in Poland.