Baltic Power held talks with representatives of the fishing communities of Ustka, Łeba and Władysławowo, thus starting a series of information meetings on the construction of Poland’s first offshore wind farm. Perspectives for the development of offshore wind energy in Poland were discussed, but above all – the commencement of installation work in the Baltic Sea scheduled for the end of this year.

The invitation was addressed mainly to fishermen operating in fishing squares N7, N8 and O7, O8 – i.e. the areas where the Baltic Power farm infrastructure will be located. A total of several dozen fishermen, owners of large trawling vessels as well as smaller fishing boats, participated in meetings with the investor, which took place from 24 to 26 April. Entrepreneurs involved in fishing tourism also took part in the discussions. Representatives of local authorities and ports were also present.

Baltic Power experts presented both the project, its objectives, the work schedule and the various stages of construction. The technology for the construction of the wind farm itself was also discussed, with pictures of the equipment that will be used during the project. The construction of Baltic Power was also presented in the context of the energy transition process of the Polish economy, emphasising that the farm itself, which is being built jointly by ORLEN and Northland Power, will supply approximately 3 per cent of Poland’s total demand for electricity to the National Power System.

On the part of Baltic Power, the meeting was attended by persons responsible for cooperation with stakeholders, dealing with environmental issues and supervising the construction phase. At the end of the meeting, all participants took part in questionnaire surveys. Their results will be used by Baltic Power to estimate the real impact of the investment on the work and future of fishermen operating in the Baltic Sea.

By initiating meetings with the fishing community, Baltic Power announced that talks with representatives of this professional group will continue. The next in the series is scheduled for the end of August 2024.

Source: Baltic Power