Baltic Power announces a Request for Information (RFI) “Balance of Plant” (BoP) Operations & Maintenance. Companies interested in participating can visit the website for more information and direct contact. Baltic Power recently launched a new section on the website – tenders – to make it even easier to follow the ongoing tendering procedures for the supply chain of Poland’s first offshore wind farm.

The Project has been granted a capacity of up to 1200 MW, consisting of 76 wind turbine generators. To maintain the entire asset, The Employer has differentiated the Balance of Plant Operation and Maintenance services to those to be provided by the Turbine manufacturer Service and Maintenance Contract. The Buyer has identified an initial scope of the O&M services, relative to the asset, as indicated in the tabular Figure below.

At this stage of the procurement process, the Buyer seeks to understand the capability within the market to undertake all or certain aspects of the scope deliverables. Therefore, the potential O&M service providers can indicate as part of their response to the RFI; whether they wish to provide a single service or a combination of services, including an interest to maintain the entire BoP O&M scope.

Moreover, we would like to identify other parts of the supply chain who may not be structured to undertake significant part of the scope, but wish to register their interest so that, pending a decision on the future procurement strategy, ancillary companies with, for example, crew transfer vessels, remote operated vehicles, specialist resourcing etc.  can be shared with other tenderers to consider and personnel (technical resource) O&M providers to also participate in this RFI if they deem themselves suitable to provide such ancillary support services.

RFI Time schedule

Timeline Date
Deadline for Questions/Clarifications from Respondents: 28-11-23, 15.00 hrs.
Deadline for the Buyer to answer questions: 05-12-23, 15.00 hrs.
Deadline for Responses on the RFI & signature of NDA: 15-12-23, 15.00 hrs.

If you have the required technical capabilities and have an interest to participate, please contact to send you the link to the Tender Tool. We expect to receive the required information on the RFI by no later than Friday 15th December,2023 15.00 hrs.

About Baltic Power

The final capacity will be 1140MW. The WTG substructure will be Monopiles (MP). The Inter-Array Cables (IAC) network will connect each WTG in strings to the project’s two Offshore Substations (OSS), also having a Monopile foundation. The IAC voltage level will be 66 kV. There will be two OSS and the High Voltage (HV) level of the electricity export system will be 220kV. Four export cables will run from the OSS to shore. In the onshore substation (ONS) in Choczewo the voltage will be transformed from 220kV to 400kV. The Project will then be connected to the Polish transmission system at a Point of Common Coupling (PCC) through two overhead lines. Figure 2 below illustrates the infrastructure overview of the offshore wind farm.

Source: Baltic Power