Elering, AST and Litgrid, operators of the electricity transmission systems of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, signed an agreement on the synchronisation. According to the agreement, disconnection from the Russian-controlled system and synchronous connection to the continental European grid will take place in February 2025.

The agreement also stipulates that the Baltic countries will jointly withdraw from the BRELL contract concluded with Russian and Belarusian operators in the summer of 2024, half a year before synchronisation.

“Together with our partners, we have agreed on specific actions and dates for disconnecting from the Russian system and joining the Continental European Synchronous Zone. For the first time, the operators of the three countries jointly assumed clear obligations to perform synchronisation at the agreed time – February 2025”, says Rokas Masiulis, CEO of Litgrid.

The necessary works, such as the installation of the first synchronous condensers, control systems and the reconstruction of the third line between Estonia and Latvia, will be completed by the agreed date. Other projects implemented by Baltic TSOs related to synchronisation will be implemented until the end of 2025 or later.

The TSOs agreement is to be endorsed by the prime ministers of the three Baltic countries in the following days.

Text of the agreement:

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This year, the operators of the electricity transmission system of the Baltic countries and the Gdansk branch of the Polish Energy Institute conducted studies on the possibility of synchronisation earlier than the set deadline of the end of 2025.

The study results show that at the beginning of 2025, the electricity transmission systems of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia will be ready to safely disconnect from the Russian-controlled system and synchronise with continental Europe.

Source: Litgrid