BalticWind.EU Country Report POLAND / Q1 2024


Dear Readers,

We are pleased to present you with another in a series of reports summarizing the Polish offshore wind market. In the first quarter of 2024, the topic of energy continued to be strongly linked to initiatives to accelerate decarbonization and the development of RES projects to strengthen energy security in the EU.

Moreover, we invite you to explore an insightful interview with Alicja Chilińska-Zawadzka, CEO of EDF Renewables Poland, offering invaluable perspectives on the sector’s prospects. From leveraging the French experience in energy transition to fostering local competencies for a zero-carbon economy, this conversation promises rich insights into the industry’s trajectory.

Additionally, don’t miss our feature article on Ocean Winds: Generating the Future of Offshore Wind Energy. Beyond assessing the Polish market for the BC-Wind farm, Ocean Winds is deeply committed to nurturing industry education and empowering local companies to innovate. Discover how their long-term strategy aligns with Poland’s renewable energy aspirations and propels the sector toward a sustainable future.

In the following section, we take a closer look at the most important developments that affect the offshore wind energy sector. In this, we point out administrative decisions related to location settlements within the framework of Phase II of the Polish offshore.