With support from the government’s green investment scheme, four companies will invest more than 500 million euro in five projects related to Danish-produced wind turbines and Power-to-X technology. The billion-kroner investments will be used to establish new or expand existing production facilities in Denmark.

The world has changed after several years of war in Europe, and international developments have led to a resurgence of industrial policy. There is a global race for the production of green technologies and an increased focus on supply security.
Therefore, in December last year, the government launched the green investment scheme, which aims to strengthen Denmark’s green strongholds in a changing world.

Denmark’s Export and Investment Fund has now decided on the allocation of the earmarked funds after the scheme opened for applications in January 2024. In total, support has been granted to five projects, with a total of 634.1 million DKK in support, while the total investments for the selected projects amount to over 4.2 billion DKK.

Minister of Trade and Industry, Morten Bødskov: “The world has changed. There is war in Europe. Large state subsidy programs are drawing green billion-kroner investments to China and the USA. The government will defend and strengthen Danish strongholds. This includes wind production and Power-to-X technology. Today, support from the green investment scheme is secured for five projects, creating approximately 800 new jobs, and more than 4.2 billion DKK is being invested in new jobs. This is good for Denmark and the growth of our strong green production industry.”

Minister of Economy, Stephanie Lose: “Denmark is in the midst of the green transition, and many companies contribute with good solutions and technology produced in Denmark. We want to strengthen and expand the possibility of producing green solutions in Denmark. Therefore, I am pleased that today we are allocating a three-digit million amount to new green investments. This will strengthen Danish strongholds and create good Danish jobs in several parts of the country.”

Minister of Climate, Energy, and Supply, Lars Aagaard: “The USA is doing it. China is doing it. And several European countries are doing it. And so, there is no way around it: we must follow suit. Denmark is known for world-class green production, and we must, of course, protect and maintain that position. I am not ideologically in love with the idea of state support, but the government’s green investment scheme is born out of a cool overview and necessity.”

The funds go, among other things, to Siemens Gamesa, which will invest in projects in Aalborg and Esbjerg and expects to create approximately 500 new jobs. The company Niebuhr Gears will receive support for a project in Ikast, which can create about 30-40 jobs, the company Advanced Surface Plating will receive support for facilities in Randers, which are expected to create about 80 jobs, while the last project, Njord Assembly Lines, is expected to create about 175 jobs in the Southern Denmark region.
The scheme is targeted at companies that wish to establish production facilities within wind technology, Power-to-X (electrolysis) technology, and subcontractors to the two industries.

No decision has yet been made regarding potential funds in 2025.

Source: www.em.dk