“Energy of wind – Energy of freedom” – 1044 students from 16 elementary and secondary schools in Rumia and the districts of Wejherowo, Słupsk and Lębork participated in the educational program of the Pomeranian Centre of Competence for Marine Renewable Energy.

This was another initiative of the Pomeranian Centre of Competence for Marine Renewable Energy. The organizer of the program was the Municipality of Rumia, while the partners in the project were the municipal company Rumia Invest Park and the developers of offshore wind farms Baltic, the Norwegian energy company Equinor and Polenergia, Poland’s largest private energy group specializing in green energy generation. The workshops and lectures were organized in February and March this year.

– The Municipality of Rumia, as the initiator and host of the educational program entitled “Energy of wind – Energy of freedom,” would like to interest young people in a new and innovative path of development and career in the field of offshore wind farms. As we know, there are many benefits to the education of children and young people; those who graduate and begin the next stage of their education often have dilemmas about choosing their next school. Our workshops are intended to encourage them to consider choosing a career path related to offshore wind energy – commented the Mayor of Rumia Michal Pasieczny at the project’s launch. He also pointed out the career prospects offered by offshore. – Offshore wind energy is a dynamically developing industry in Pomerania, it means new, interesting and, above all, well-paid jobs. Today, when concern for the environment is becoming increasingly important, the search for alternative sources of energy is becoming a priority. In this context, offshore wind energy in the Baltic Sea is becoming an increasingly viable industry that can not only meet part of the country’s energy needs, but also reduce the share of fossil fuels in the power industry.

Agnieszka Rodak, Prezes Zarządu Rumia Invest Park, Źródło: rumia.eu

Agnieszka Rodak, Prezes Zarządu Rumia Invest Park, Źródło: rumia.eu

Agnieszka Rodak, CEO of Rumia Invest Park, emphasized: – The municipal company Rumia Invest Park, as the project leader of the Pomeranian Centre of Competence for Marine Renewable Energy, has been focusing on educating children and young people about offshore wind energy. That’s why we naturally became a partner in the “Energy of wind – Energy of freedom” educational program run by the City of Rumia. This is our second project conducted in partnership with offshore wind farm investors Polenergia and Equinor in Poland. Our joint program is primarily intended to encourage, and perhaps even spark a passion for, learning the ins and outs of offshore wind farm construction in the Baltic Sea. We hope that after the workshop some young people will become active participants in the green transformation of Pomerania and even Poland.

The purpose of the workshop was, on the one hand, to impart theoretical knowledge about the operation of offshore wind farms, but on the other hand to show the wide spectrum of professions that are necessary for the new industry to develop in Poland. Thanks to the workshops, during which young people used a variety of scientific aids (such as models of a wind turbine, energy meters and a Van de Graaff generator), students were able to explore the secrets of wind technology and more easily understand the environmental benefits of green energy.

– Our involvement in educational activities in the rapidly growing offshore wind industry is in line with the mission carried out by Equinor. We actively participate in Poland’s energy transition, and one of its elements is spreading knowledge among children and young people about wind energy. In the Baltic, we are implementing three projects with a total capacity of 3 GW, which will generate green energy for more than 4 million people. Thanks to the projects we are conducting together, today’s youth will be able to develop professionally in a completely new sector of the economy in the future – said Michal Jerzy Kolodziejczyk, CEO of Equinor in Poland.

– Polenergia’s participation in the “Energy of wind – Energy of freedom” program is perfectly in line with the sustainable development strategy implemented by our Group. Within the framework of the Offshore Competence Academy, one of our five flagship programs, we place special emphasis on educating children and young people about the energy transition. In this way, we showcase the opportunities for new career prospects that are just beginning to open up in the growing offshore industry in Poland – stressed Marta Porzuczek, director of the Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development Department at Polenergia Group.

The educational program “Energy of wind – Energy of freedom” was implemented as part of the Regional support program for environmental education and co-financed by the provincial fund for environmental protection and water management in Gdansk and the national fund for environmental protection and water management.

Source: rumia.eu