Swedish energy investor and RES developer Svea Vind Offshore has announced that Ramboll experts are completing a safety analysis before the 2023 start-up of the Gävle hydrogen project in Sweden. The venture involves the production, storage, and distribution of green hydrogen.

Svea Vind Offshore has been developing a commercial hydrogen project in the port of Gävle since 2021. The project is now entering its next phase – safety analyses are being completed as a basis for detailed design and construction. The facility is scheduled for completion next year.

– At Svea Vind Offshore and Ramboll, we embrace the principle that business must be sustainable. Companies nowadays need to change to be competitive, and we want to play a catalytic role with our hydrogen and offshore wind projects to facilitate this transformation, says Mattias Wärn, CEO of Svea Vind Offshore.

The hydrogen project is being carried out in collaboration with stakeholders from the transport and industrial sectors in Sweden. Contracts for the purchase of hydrogen were signed, among others, with transport intermediary Maserfrakt AB. Green hydrogen production is projected at up to 66,660 MWh. The energy carrier can cover the fuel needs of 40 trucks, support the decarbonization of processes in local industrial plants. This volume can also help reduce emissions by up to 20,000 tons of Co2e per year compared to fossil fuels.

Hydrogen is a good complement to renewable electricity generation and a key component of a transformed energy system. The Swedish Energy Agency’s proposal for a hydrogen strategy highlights the use of hydrogen as a key element in achieving Sweden’s goal of becoming climate neutral by 2045.

Since 2020, Svea Vind Offshore has been working with Iberdrola, one of the world’s leading players in the development of RES projects, including offshore wind.