Grupa Przemysłowa Baltic is currently finalizing the construction of two offshore substations for the Ocean Wind wind farm for the American shelf. Both substations, produced by GPBaltic, will have a weight of 2,300 tons and will be delivered by sea to the wind farm off the coast of New Jersey, USA.

Each of the substations measures 42 meters in length, 34 meters in width, and 22.5 meters in height, with a weight of approximately 1,150 tons. The project is being carried out by over 300 people. Grupa Przemysłowa Baltic companies have been involved in the fabrication of steel structures for the offshore sector, constructing substations, and supporting structures for offshore wind farms such as OWF Kaskasi, OWF Arkadis Ost, OWF Borkum, OWF Vineyard, and OWF Ocean Wind.

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Source: Grupa Przemysłowa Baltic