Global Wind Organisation has today launched its 10th training standard, adding Crane and Hoist to the portfolio.

The standard ensures a basic level of safety awareness in lifting operations where no formal training or certification is required owing to the limited size of the lifting equipment in WTG environment.

The training enables wind industry employees to safely operate, inspect and maintain common types of fixed cranes and hoists in the wind industry by following manufacturers` manuals, documentation, and relevant legislation.

The GWO Crane and Hoist Training Standard is divided into two modules with the following acronyms in WINDA:

  • Crane and Hoist User Basic Module (CHBU)
  • Crane and Hoist Inspection and Maintenance Module (CHIM)
  • The Crane and Hoist Basic User Module ensures safety awareness when using cranes and hoists in service operations. It also provides participants with an introduction to safely operating common types of fixed cranes and hoists.

The Crane and Hoist Inspection and Maintenance Module enables the technician to inspect, maintain and test cranes and hoists complying with relevant legislation and according to the relevant manufacturers` inspection and maintenance manuals and documents. The Crane and Hoist Basic User Module is a prerequisite for participating in this module.

Thomas Grønlund, Senior Training Project Manager at GWO, explained the importance of the Crane and Hoist Training Standard: “The goal of this training is to contribute to a safe work environment for daily lifting operations in the wind industry. The training focuses on the ability to take responsibility for doing the right thing when operating cranes and hoists.”

Join the webinar on August 10 for a Q &A session with the Project Manager. For more information, the Crane and Hoist Standard is now available on GWO’s website

Source: GWO