The Spanish developer Iberdrola announced in a report on the financial results for the first half of 2021 that it has already submitted applications for the Gretas Klackar 2 offshore wind farm in the Baltic Sea.

Let us recall that Iberdrola has concluded an agreement to acquire the majority of shares in the projects with Svea Vind Offshore AB (SVO) for the future development of up to 9 GW of installed offshore wind energy capacity in Sweden. A total of eight projects are at different stages of development and the farms are expected to start operating in 2029. Investments are grouped around two geographical regions: Gavle (6 wind farms with a total capacity of 5.1 GW) and Oxelosund (2 offshore wind farms with a total capacity of 3.9 GW).

The Spanish investor’s report states that “in Sweden, Iberdrola, in collaboration with Svea Vind Offshore, has submitted the request for the Gretas Klackar 2 farm located in the Gävle region, where two projects are already being processed.”

Investors add that, meanwhile, work continues on the other projects in the portfolio.

Project details are not known. It is known that the farm will be located in the Gulf of Bothnia, 25 km from the shore of the municipality of Söderhamn. The wind farm will consist of 30-62 wind turbines, which will be installed up to a height of 250-300 m. Svea Wind Offshore reports that the planned Gretas Klackar 2 wind farm can make a significant contribution to the restructuring and development of the steel industry in the Gävleborg region. By producing electricity from renewable sources at competitive prices, a wind farm can enable more industries in the region to strengthen their competitiveness and create jobs.

The Gretas Klackar 2 wind farm is expected to generate around 2.2 TWh of electricity annually. This is a significant contribution to the region’s industry facing an increasing demand for sustainable electricity.

Other projects in the countries of the Baltic Sea region

In addition, Iberdrola points out that in Poland, together with its partner SeaWind, it is working on projects that will appear in auctions for offshore wind energy in 2025.

In Germany, as part of the Baltic Eagle (476 MW) project, Iberdrola concluded contracts for the supply of wind turbines with Vestas, as well as contracts for monopiles for foundations and cables.

Pending contracts are currently under implementation. Production work for the offshore substation is proceeding as planned.

In Denmark, a consortium formed by Iberdrola Renovables Internacional and TOTAL is working on submitting the best bid for the Thor wind project (1 GW) in an auction this November. The project is expected to be completed by the end of 2021.