Norwegian renewable energy sources developer Magnora has announced that it has increased its stake to 24 percent in the Kustvind offshore wind energy project in the Baltic Sea.

The project is currently in the process of obtaining permits. Several environmental studies have already been carried out on the population of cranes and bats. Currently, the results are analysed by experts. Network analyses were also carried out to prepare the farm’s connection to regional and national networks. A public consultation has also already started.

Torstein Sanness, president of the board of Magnora, said the wind farm could provide energy to local industrial consumers as well as producing hydrogen as a green fuel for local transportation.

Magnora also informs that public opinion polls have been conducted in the municipalities of Skurup and Trelleborg. They showed that the population supports the construction of a wind farm. According to reports from the Swedish media, society is divided on this topic.

– Generally, the commune has a negative attitude towards wind energy, i.e., offshore energy. It is visually very stressful for the residents of the immediate area, but also for our business and tourism to get closer to them, explains Skurup municipal councillor Johan Bolinder, quoted by SVT.

The Kustvind offshore wind farm is a project located approximately 8 km off the southern coast of Sweden in the waters of the Baltic Sea. Its potential will be 500 MW (25-30 turbines), and the annual production capacity will be 2 TWh. The wind turbines will supply electricity to 100,000 households or 700,000 electric cars.

source: Magnora Asa