Digitalisation plays an important role in the development of wind power today, but can still drive further improvements in operational efficiency, decision-making, and cost-effectiveness. Process optimization is supported by Shoreline Wind. We are talking to the managing director Michael Bjerrum.

Bjerrum said that the potential of the Baltic region is really huge, without a doubt. 

“We have some really attractive countries surrounding the Baltic region, some very nice attractive wind conditions and, not too difficult soil conditions, and of course a huge consumer base which is really important”, he said. 

The evolution of technology 

“I think that definitely if we need to deploy so many megawatts in a fairly short period of time to achieve the very ambitious 2050 target set out by the EU, we need to apply much digitalisation in all the processes that we are using when we are building wind farms, and when we subsequently operate them as well”, Bjerrum explained. 

He added that definitely, the process is getting more digitised, the consenting phase, construction service, and maintenance. When planning things it is a much better way, integrating more modules in the process is making things more simple, transparent, and scalable. Bjerrum said that Shoreline Wind is a software as a service company (SaaS).

“We focus on digitalisation of the entire phase from early design development of an offshore wind farm, and all the way into construction, shows, and maintenance”. 

“In Shoreline, we focus a lot on integrating multiple applications in one platform so that you can do both construction management, marine coordination, daily progress reporting, site overviewing, and things like that. We are trying to integrate them in one module-based solution, and thereby constantly be able to deploy the megawatts much faster”, he said.

Bjerrum stressed the role of industry collaboration across different sectors, more integration, not just for wind power but all of the renewable energy sources, and cross-border collaboration. 

“Baltic Sea is perfectly situated to enhance that discussion, and development going forward”, he added.

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