N-Sea Polska and MAG Offshore are jointly developing Marine Coordination Centre’s (MCC) for Poland and the Baltics. With this approach the parties will share the relevant knowledge, experience, equipment, vessels and port facilities to serve our clients needs during the developing and operating phases of their offshore wind farms across the Baltic Region.

The proposed MCC concept includes, but is not limited to, the following services and resources:

  • ISPS approved Port Facility
  • Geophysical & Geotechnical Survey
  • UXO Survey, ID & Clearance
  • Subsea IRM & Construction
  • Subsea Cable Repair & Installation
  • Cable Lay / Storage & Repair
  • Marine & Port Logistics
  • CTVs
  • Port, Vessel & OWF Security
  • Training & Development
  • Offshore Emergency Response

Our plan is to provide subject services, initially for our strategically located Władysławowo port facility, with a further growth in Darłowo (along the Polish coastline).

Source: MAG Offshore