Euro Terminal, like many Polish companies, is preparing to participate in the development of the Polish offshore market. The completion of the latest investment, the RO-RO ramp, is another step in the company’s development and cooperation with key players in the wind turbine market. Together with the companies, i.e. Vestas or Orlen, they are creating a strong hub for offshore wind farms in West Pomerania.

On September 29, a ceremony was held at the Euro Terminal – Swinoujscie’s port hub, marking the completion of the latest investment. Among the invited guests were amongst others Vestas, LM Wind, SGRE, MAG and other leading players in the wind turbine market.

With regard to the completion of the latest investment – the largest RO-RO ramp in Poland – an event was held, where, together with representatives of the above-mentioned companies, we were able to learn comprehensively about the company’s infrastructure, plans and development strategy.

Photo: PWEA

Euro Terminal like many Polish companies is preparing to participate in the development of the Polish offshore market. Being part of a strongly developing offshore cluster in the West Pomeranian region, it contributes to the synergy effect of locating investments of entities such as Vestas and Orlen in one area. Together with its neighbors, it creates additional jobs, feeds the state budget and contributes to the region’s attractiveness in Europe.

The 53-acre Euro Terminal is a modern and extensive port infrastructure center. The terminal has two port basins with six berths, three cold storage facilities with a total storage area of 14,000 sqm, an indoor storage area of 27,000 sqm. The terminal has an 8,736-meter rail siding, ideal for handling freight trains, which provides a faster and more convenient way to handle cargo transported by rail cars and destined for storage in the warehouse. In addition, Euro Terminal has specialized cargo handling equipment for handling various types of cargo.

Photo: PWEA

CEO Eivind Eidesvik (Caiano, Wilson, Qubus) and the company’s President – Katherine Bulawa, as part of the welcome speech, recalled the history of the private port’s development and outlined plans and vision for continued growth in serving the renewable energy industry. The CEO referred to an important issue – the role of the State as a partner that guarantees a stable foundation for business development.

– The extensive port infrastructure, together with Swinoujscie’s prime location and many years of experience, provides great opportunities for West Pomerania’s offshore sector. This region has the predisposition to gain the most from the dynamic development of the offshore industry in Poland. New jobs, growth of service providers and international cooperation. West Pomerania has all the conditions for rapid economic growth, including increasing its role in the country’s economy – points out Janusz Gajowiecki, President of the Polish Wind Energy Association.

Among the guests who attended Friday’s event were representatives of offshore and onshore companies: on behalf of Vestas – Jagna Kubańska – Łyczakowska, EDF – Alicja Chilińska – Zawadzka, PGE Baltica – Arkadiusz Sekściński, LM Wind Power Blades – Maciej Grzybowski, SGRE – Hubert Ulita, TFKable – Mariusz Sarkissian, MAG – Michał Śmigielski, DSV – Grzegorz Samoć, representatives of Norwegian business – amongst them, owners and representatives of Austevoll Seafood ASA, Hydro Aluminium, Hatteland Group, Finnlines – Rafal Kwapisz and Norwegian Honorary Consul – Piotr Kotfis.

Source: PWEA