November will be the month to talk about wind energy in Europe. A conference organized by WindEurope, Electric City 2021 will be held in Copenhagen to discuss a new perspective on offshore wind development. It is also an excellent opportunity to discuss the role of the Baltic Sea in the development of the wind sector and decarbonisation of the Baltic economies.

On 23-25 November, global representatives of the offshore wind industry will come to Copenhagen to take stock of the sector’s achievements to date, and to illustrate new prospects for wind energy. Experts will discuss what can be done better in the investment process at all of its stages – from the design of wind turbines to their dismantling.

The event will focus on topics of particular interest to those observing the development of offshore wind energy in the Baltic Sea region. On the first day there will be a discussion session “The offshore grid: hybrids and clusters” with representatives from the Danish government, Hitachi Energy, 50 Hertz, National Grid Interconnector or Vattenfall. Transmission infrastructure is one of the foundations for the effective development and operation of offshore wind farms. International cooperation is also needed for its development, particularly in the Baltic Sea region.

The second day will also focus on the development of transmission infrastructure during the panel “Grid development and optimisation”. In addition, worth noting is the session “Floating offshore wind”, during which representatives of, among others, RWE and the European Investment Bank will discuss the future of floating wind farms. This technology is expected to significantly increase the wind potential also in the Baltic Sea.

On the third day, the industry will discuss the development of the European Green Deal and the role of offshore wind energy in the session “What will it take for the Green Deal to be ‘made in Europe’?”. Additionally, other discussions will include topics related to supply chain, environmental protection and cyber security.

BalticWind.EU is a media patron of WindEurope Electric City 2021

Meet us in Copenhagen! We are pleased to announce that BalticWind.EU has become a media patron of this landmark event. Our attention will be particularly focused on the aspects of offshore wind energy development in the Baltic Sea region. We recommend following our platform now, where detailed coverage of the event and interviews with industry representatives will appear.