Offshore wind energy will accelerate significantly in the coming decades. It will be one of the fastest growing renewable energy sectors, especially in Poland. Poland could become the largest offshore wind market in the Baltic Sea with up to 28 GW of capacity. Experts will discuss how to exploit the potential of offshore wind farms on 16-17 November during the annual PWEA – Offshore Wind Poland conference. 

This autumn, the industry will meet to discuss a number of extremely important topics concerning offshore wind energy. Offshore wind sector may be one of the foundations of Poland’s energy transition towards a low-carbon economy. During two days of valuable meetings, panel discussions and networking that bring the entire industry together and create a common ground for politicians, investors, subcontractors and others involved in the offshore business, let’s jointly take a look at what potential lies in the Baltic Sea . 

This year’s Offshore Wind Poland Conference will not only allow the real potential of offshore wind energy in the Polish part of the Baltic Sea to be estimated, but also confront the existing legal regulations for the planning and construction of offshore investments with those necessary to bring out the first capacities by 2025. What could be the productivity of new areas for offshore investments and what is the progress of phase I projects? The November meeting will give an indication of where we are and what actions need to be taken so that offshore farms can contribute to energy security as soon as possible. 

In order to ensure the security and stability of Poland’s energy supply, as well as support the ambitious climate goals of the EU, it is necessary to develop renewable energy sources, including offshore above all – the technology with the greatest potential of all renewable sources. This could be a historic opportunity for our country to improve innovation and competitiveness, based on the use of new technologies and the development of new industries. The base for such a system will be wind energy, says Janusz Gajowiecki, President of the Polish Wind Energy Association.

Offshore Wind Poland (16-17 November 2022) will also see the premiere of the latest report commissioned by the Polish Wind Energy Association entitled: ‘Potential of offshore wind energy in the Baltic’. The report will re-evaluate the potential in terms of installed capacity and energy production of current areas allowing the realisation of offshore wind farms.  The study will also identify new areas for potential investments, which will require a high level of commitment from investors, the state and financial resources to be successfully realised. 

How to use the potential of offshore wind energy in Poland? 

You will find out on 16-17 November during Offshore Wind Poland in Warsaw. We are awaiting you there! 


Source: Polish Wind Energy Association