What does the Palace of Culture and Science have in common with an offshore wind turbine? When will the first electricity flow from the sea to Polish farms? Can wind farms be built in harmony with nature? How do technology partnerships generate innovation in the industry? Answers to these and other questions will be available in the new program “Energia z morza” [“Energy from the Sea”] created as a result of cooperation between Ørsted and TOK FM. The first episode is now available.

Ørsted, in partnership with TOK FM, a leading news radio station in Poland, has prepared a series of vodcasts, or video podcasts, called “Energia z morza”. It is a series of broadcasts made in the “Głosem Eksperta” [“Voice of the Expert”] formula, presenting industry knowledge given in an accessible and attractive way. The guest of the first episode is Agata Staniewska- Bolesta, managing director of Ørsted Offshore Poland, who introduces listeners to the subject of offshore wind farms. She talks about the stages of investment development, discusses the potential of the Baltic Sea and touches on the challenges facing offshore investors in Poland.

Offshore wind energy is a key technology that will contribute to building a zero-carbon energy system in Poland, its development should be accompanied by education. As the company that built the first and is currently building world’s largest wind farm, Ørsted is abundant with knowledge and experience. Together with TOK FM, we have created a unique platform to share our know-how with the general public. I believe that the format we have proposed will not only give listeners a better understanding of what offshore wind energy is, but also inspire them to deepen their knowledge in this area. Energy transformation is a topic that concerns each of us – says Agata Staniewska Bolesta, managing director of Ørsted Offshore Poland.

The second episode will focus on the environmental impact of wind farms – Karolina Gębka, PhD, senior environmental and permitting specialist at Ørsted, will answer the question of whether it is possible to build offshore farms in harmony with nature. Then Joanna Wis-Bielewicz, head of market development at Ørsted and an expert of the third episode, will tackle the topic of innovation. She will explain how cross-sector partnerships are helping to find solutions to important challenges for the entire offshore wind industry.

The “Energia z morza” podcast series is hosted by Małgorzata Goleta, a print and broadcast journalist who covers the topics of environmentalism, green energy and climate concerns. The podcast can be listened to on tok.fm, on the TOK FM app and on the radio’s profile on the YouTube channel.