The fate of the offshore wind energy installation terminal in Poland has been in question for over a year. There was even a resolution on this issue in 2021, but in the list of legislation works of the Polish government a new resolution appeared, which this time locates the installation port in Poland in Gdansk, and not in Gdynia, as originally assumed.

A draft resolution of the Council of Ministers amending the resolution on installation terminal for offshore wind farms has appeared in the list of legislative and programmatic works of the Polish government. The authors of the project report that on 11 February 2022, the Minister of State Assets submitted a request to the Minister of Infrastructure to amend the Resolution of the Council of Ministers No. 104/2021 of 30 July 2021 on the installation terminal for offshore wind farms. At that time, Port of Gdynia was proposed as the location of the port. The resolution is expected to be adopted in the first quarter of 2022.

The new resolution recognizes the Port of Gdansk as the location of the installation terminal to be built on the new date – i.e. until 1 June 2025. The terminal will be built in the outer harbor, i.e. the portion of a harbor created by inundation through the conversion of a body of water (land covered by water) to land (land not covered by water).

The Council of Ministers authorizes the minister in charge of maritime economy to monitor the progress of works for the efficient construction and equipping of the installation terminal.

“The justification for the motion to amend the resolution are the arrangements made by the companies under the ownership supervision of the Minister of State Assets, responsible for the implementation of more than 60% of the offshore wind investments planned in Poland, i.e. PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna S.A. and PKN ORLEN S.A., their subsidiaries and indirectly supervised by the Chancellery of the Prime Minister, as to the designation of the external port in Gdansk as a port that meets all criteria of industry investors and allows timely implementation of Phase I of the offshore wind energy sector development in Poland.” – reads the Polish government website.

Let’s recall that PKN Orlen and PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna are the largest offshore wind investors in Poland, having recently announced the submission of applications for rights to further offshore areas in the Polish waters of the Baltic Sea.