Poland’s Ministry of Infrastructure has announced that it has launched the procedure for granting offshore wind energy concessions for three more offshore areas. The ministry’s decision was announced on Twitter by Vice-Minister of Infrastructure, Marek Gróbarczyk.

The Ministry of Infrastructure has published on its website three more announcements about the possibility of submitting applications for permits to erect and use artificial islands, structures, and devices in Polish maritime areas in the exclusive economic zone in the Baltic Sea.

– More good news for Offshore Wind Energy. The procedure for granting three more offshore concessions has been launched, Gróbarczyk announced on Twitter.

– Offshore wind farm development is the cornerstone of our nation’s security and future. The main goal of the Polish energy policy is to increase the potential of energy resources, so I am very excited to see the next steps that are being made in this direction – said the Polish minister.

Announcements numbered: 4/2022/MFW, 5/2022/MI, and 6/2022/MFW indicate, among other things, the location for which subsequent applications may be submitted and the criteria for evaluating those applications. The notices concern areas of approximately 77.4 sq. km, approximately 121.3 sq. km, and approximately 82.44 sq. km.

The authority competent to issue the permit in Poland is the minister in charge of maritime economy. Applications for the location can be submitted by interested investors within 60 days from the publication of announcements in the Public Information Bulletin of the Ministry of Infrastructure. If competing applications are received, the Minister of Infrastructure will conduct a deliberative process.

Applications can also still be submitted for the previous three location permit notices for offshore wind farm projects, which were published in the Public Information Bulletin on 21 January 2022, as reported on BalticWind.EU. The announcements are available HERE