In response to the dynamic development of the offshore wind energy sector in Poland and the Baltic region, a new chamber of commerce will be established in Poland. The Polish Offshore Wind Energy Society (PTMEW), which has been working exclusively for the Polish offshore wind industry since 2010, is establishing the Polish Offshore Wind Industry Chamber (PIMEW).

About Polish Offshore Wind Industry Chamber

The Polish Offshore Wind Industry Chamber (PIMEW) will be an organisation of economic self-government, bringing together and representing primarily entities operating in Poland in the production of components, provision of services, trade or construction for the offshore wind energy sector, as well as other entities interested in the development of the offshore wind sector.

PIMEW will become a continuation of the mission undertaken by the Polish Offshore Wind Energy Society (PTMEW), will develop its achievements and expand the functions and tasks hitherto carried out by the Society, and will conduct its activities with expanded representation and statutory bodies.

– The concept of the so-called PTMEW 2.0 was born in our minds several years ago, but only now the size of the primarily domestic offshore wind sector fully justifies the transition to a new organizational formula – says Jakub Budzynski, Vice President of the PTMEW Board of Directors and member of the PIMEW Founding Committee.

PIMEW’s role for the offshore wind industry

Among the important factors influencing the decision to establish the Polish Offshore Wind Industry Chamber (PIMEW), one should point out first and foremost the need for structured, intensive and continuous work related to legislation, industry standards, organizational and structural support and consolidation of the sector to strengthen the position and comprehensive support for the development of Polish companies in the face of intensive development of the offshore wind energy market in Poland, the Baltic region and the rest of Europe and the world.

PIMEW tasks

PIMEW’s tasks will be carried out in a complementary manner, in a number of areas related to the development of the domestic offshore wind energy sector, the promotion of local content in foreign markets and the advocacy of the collective interests of Chamber members in relations with the authorities of the Republic of Poland and the EU.

– So far, in the Society’s formula, we have been able to push through and secure in a basic way at the level of national regulations, within the limits of the rather narrow possibilities, amongst others, mandatory for investors active on the Polish market and using the so-called “support system”, review of domestic supply chain offerings for offshore wind farm projects, combined with dialogue with potential suppliers or sub-suppliers. The next logical step is i.a. focusing on supporting the process of building close relations in the general contractor-subcontractor direction, intensive promotion of domestic industry in foreign markets or, finally, proactive activity to create systemic tools to support the organic development of domestic suppliers or, for example, help in obtaining collateral for contracts concluded by themcompletes Jakub Budzynski.

Therefore, the Polish Chamber of Offshore Wind Energy (PIMEW) will undertake comprehensive cooperation with authorities at all levels to initiate and provide opinions on legal regulations concerning the offshore wind energy sector, conditions and strategic directions for its development in Poland and countries of the European community.

In addition, PIMEW’s activities will promote and support the development of companies with sectoral activities in manufacturing, services, trade and construction in Poland and executing their contracts in both Polish and foreign offshore elevator markets. Special attention will be paid to issues related to the development, consultation and implementation of industry standards and norms for the entire sector with constant monitoring of their impact on environmental welfare.

In order to prevent the phenomenon of competence gap, among the activities undertaken by PIMEW will be those for formal and informal education and training of personnel at all levels, understood here as, among others: conferences, courses, seminars, as well as the establishment and awarding of industry certificates, certificates, awards, and conducting publishing activities, as well as the continuation of activities currently implemented by PIMEW to support directional education at an academic level.

Further information on creation of the Chamber is provided by the PTMEW Office at