The Port of Esbjerg will increase investments in 2022. This has to do with the recent upswing in the wind energy market, the return to operation of the Tyra field and increased activity in other areas.

Esbjerg Port’s annual report from 2021 shows that financial turnover and profits are the same as the previous year.

The wind sector is again pursuing projects in Esbjerg port. Work is underway to restore normal operations at Tyra Field. Onshore electricity is sold to ships, including Fanø Line. Activity at both the rail freight terminal and the port’s new terminal increased.

– We will invest triple-digit millions in quays and land in the next financial year, so we are confident that we will be able to meet demand in the coming years, says the new CEO of the Port of Esbjerg, Sørena Gade.

The Port of Esbjerg will invest significantly in increasing the quay area by expanding the port, adding 750,000m2. In addition, the Port will continue to invest in infrastructure to make the Port more sustainable, such as shore power.

2021 has also invested in infrastructure projects, increasing the port’s handling capacity and spreading shore power to more of the port so that cutters, oil rigs, jack-up rigs and service vessels can draw green energy directly from the waterfront. Electrification of the port has led to a reduction of up to 30 percent in CO2 emissions.

The port has also begun a project in partnership with technology company Honeywell to monitor the port’s energy consumption to further reduce it. At the same time, in collaboration with IT company ATOS, they will develop a “digital twin” of the port that can simulate future projects so that they can be planned with minimal CO2 emissions.

Source: Port of Esbjerg