Representatives from the Ministry of Economics and Innovation of Hamburg, ports of Lübeck, Brunsbüttel and Hamburg, visited the port of Klaipeda. During the visit, the delegates were presented with the development directions of the Port of Klaipeda and the ongoing and planned development projects.

The meeting was inspired by a May visit of the Minister of Transport and Communications, Marius Skuodis, and an accompanying delegation to Hamburg, during which Algis Latakas, Director General of the Klaipeda State Seaport Authority, signed a memorandum of understanding with the Port of Hamburg.

Algis Latakas noted that Germany, with all its seaports, is Klaipeda’s largest trading partner.

“This year’s even greater increase in cargo flows to and from the country only confirms that Germany is a strategic partner of the port of Klaipeda. The developing relationship with the country’s seaports is already yielding the first results to compensate for the existing cargo losses of the port of Klaipeda”, says Latakas.

Klaipeda Port expects to continue and strengthen cooperation with German seaports. The goal is to attract strategic investors to lease newly developed port land for operations, manufacturing, logistics and generating new cargo flows.

The port of Klaipeda has a number of shipping lines connecting Klaipeda with German ports. Cargo flows to and from Germany in the port of Klaipeda accounted for nearly 14 percent of the port’s total cargo throughput in 2021, with 6.2 million tons of cargo transported. The largest amount was ro-ro cargo – 3.2 million tons, containerized cargo – 2.3 million tons, bulk fertilizer – 0.2 million tons, reports Klaipeda Port.