Port of Tallinn and Sunly, an investor in the renewable energy sector, have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to accelerate offshore wind development in the Baltic Sea countries. Sunly has plans to develop offshore wind farms in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Sunly is one of the investors that plan to build offshore wind farms west of Saaremaa Island and north of Hiiumaa Island in Estonia. We also know of plans to develop offshore farms in Latvia and Lithuania. For this reason, the investor has established cooperation with the Port of Tallinn. Another aim of the collaboration is to maximize local knowledge and business opportunities during the development, installation, operation and maintenance of Sunly’s offshore wind farms.

“It’s great that in Paldiski we’ll have the opportunity to manufacture concrete gravity foundations for wind turbines and use the port for installation work”, said Erkki Kallas, Head of Development and Production and Member of the Management Board at Sunly.

The Port of Tallinn Supervisory Board recently decided to invest up to €53 million in Paldiski Lõunasadam (Paldiski South Harbour) to build a new 310-meter quay with a 10-hectare hinterland area. Completion of the wharf and hinterland area is scheduled for the summer of 2025.

Kallas added that Sunly is considering the port of Saaremaa as a service base for offshore wind turbines and the MPSV Botnica vessel, both owned by the Port of Tallinn, for conducting surveys.

The construction of the new quay will allow the Port of Tallinn to become an important partner in the construction and subsequent maintenance of offshore wind farms in the Baltic Sea.

“The new wharf will provide the ability to accommodate specialized deep draft vessels for the construction of offshore wind farms and the transportation of wind turbine components”, Valdo Kalm, the CEO of the Port of Tallin commented.

In addition, the new wharf can be used to handle ro-ro ships if needed.