In a significant move towards advancing the offshore energy sector in Poland, Polish Baltic Shipping Group (Polferries) and SeaZip Offshore Services have recently signed a Consortium Agreement. This partnership comes after the successful signing of a Letter of Intent to Cooperate signed in Harlingen, Netherlands, solidifying their commitment to working together in the field of offshore wind energy.

The Consortium Agreement was signed by the respective presidents of the companies, Mr. Radoslaw Marciniak for PŻB Offshore and Mr. Jan Reier Arends for SeaZip Offshore Services. This collaboration is poised to open new horizons for both companies, propelling them into a flourishing era of international capabilities and mutual projects.

According to Mr. Jan Reier Arends, the managing owner of SeaZip Offshore Services, the primary aim of the partnership is to develop a service fleet that can cater to the burgeoning offshore projects in Poland while also engaging in collaborative ventures abroad. He expressed enthusiasm over the alliance, stating – “We are very pleased that this has resulted in a partnership with PŻB Offshore. By working together, we can realize our common goals and ambitions, and our mutual projects are very ambitious.”

SeaZip Offshore Services, founded in 2010, is a Dutch offshore shipping company and a part of the renowned JR Shipping Group, which imparts it with a strong maritime background. The company’s expertise in ship design, shipbuilding, and ship management has already earned them an impressive track record in the offshore wind market. Their fully certified ship management division ensures efficient and safe operations of their offshore service and support vessels.

On the other hand, PŻB Offshore is a subsidiary of Polish Baltic Shipping Group, also known as Polferries. The newly established Polish entity is wholly dedicated to participating in local offshore projects and actively engaging in mutual ventures with foreign partners.

“The dynamic development of the new company in our capital group is very pleasing. Offshore wind energy is an area where we see the potential to diversify our business” commented Mr. Andrzej Madejski, the CEO of Polish Baltic Shipping Co.

Mr. Radosław Marciniak, President of the Management Board of PŻB Offshore, highlighted the significance of the partnership with SeaZip. He emphasized that the collaboration brings real and valuable assets to their local projects, benefiting not only the Polish Baltic Shipping Group but also the entire Polish maritime industry, particularly the developing sector of offshore wind energy. He referred to this alliance as a transformative opportunity for growth for both partners.

The Polish offshore energy market is rapidly expanding, presenting various opportunities for companies to contribute to sustainable energy development. By combining the strengths and expertise of PŻB Offshore and SeaZip Offshore Services, Poland can accelerate its transition towards cleaner energy solutions, reducing its reliance on traditional fossil fuels and fostering environmental stewardship.