Green Genius has ambitions to get involved in the offshore wind sector. BalticWind.EU asked Green Genius CEO – Ruslanas Sklepovičius – about the details in a special interview for BalticWind.EU Quarterly Country Report Lithuania Q1 2022.

Patrycja Rapacka: How big an opportunity is offshore wind development in the Baltic Sea for Green Genius?

Ruslanas Sklepovičius: It’s an ample opportunity for any player in the market due to a couple of reasons. First of all, we’re talking of the first offshore project in the territory of Lithuania, which indicates progress in the local renewable energy market. The project is also ambitious in its size and capacity, which will definitely contribute greatly to energy independence of the whole Baltic region, sustainability, and progress. Moreover, the first offshore project in Lithuania refers to wind energy (and other renewables too) as not an alternative, but rather a traditional energy. Therefore, we see offshore wind development as a great opportunity for the whole region. Recently we announced that Green Genius signed an investment agreement with the largest Polish independent energy group Polenergia to collaborate on the offshore project. Green Genius has a local market presence in Lithuania, and Polenergia has strong wind project experience, making us a strong team with a deliberate competitiveness.

 What steps has the company already taken in the offshore wind area? 

Green Genius and Polenergia have agreed on cooperation and signed the agreement to open a joint venture (JV). Currently, the JV establishment, subject to potential antitrust approval,is under the process. Green Genius relates to further analysis of the development of Lithuanian regulations aimed at adopting a legal framework for the development and construction of offshore wind farms and to take further actions. 

How does Green Genius want to prepare for the development of offshore wind farms in the Baltic Sea? What concrete plans does it have?

It will be the first offshore wind farm on the Lithuanian seaside. Right now, our team is working on all the necessary preparation work and research. Later on, we’ll decide on the exact solutions. However, our main goal is to employ strengths of both JV sides through close cooperation and know-how usage, so we could offer the smartest, most economically advanced, and long-term solution, which would contribute to two most important goals we see – sustainability and energy independence

Will Green Genius want to involve Lithuanian companies in the projects? How does Green Genius view local content issues? …

The full interview you can find in BalticWind.EU Quarterly Country Report Lithuania Q1 2022.