A blue economy developer Simply Blue, based in Cork, Ireland, is one of the pioneers of floating wind technology and blue economy solutions. The investor has applied to the Polish Ministry of Infrastructure for a concession of the offshore wind 60.E.4 location, which is currently the deepest area in the Maritime Spatial Plan in Poland.

Simply Blue Group emphasizes that it sees great potential and demand for floating wind farm technologies in the Baltic Sea region.

– Floating offshore wind is a natural step in the development of offshore wind power, which is growing around the world, the release reads.

Simply Blue Group appreciates the existing Polish maritime infrastructure and the skilled workforce in Poland. The company is now committed to working with local stakeholders and authorities to establish a framework for floating offshore wind energy and maximize the benefits for local communities, it reads.

The company has more than 9 GW of offshore wind projects in the pipeline, primarily in waters off the coasts of Ireland and the United Kingdom. Simply Blue Group is also committed to creating new economic opportunities for coastal communities and developing projects that coexist with sustainable fisheries and marine conservation.