Poland’s supply chain has a chance to become competitive in the global wind power sector – but this will not succeed without strong and stable international cooperation. On the 6th of June, Polish companies, foreign investors and representatives of the EC and the Baltic States will meet for the third time at the International Supplier Day during the PWE2024 Conference in Swinoujscie. They will discuss an alliance for a strong European wind industry. During substantive discussions and workshops, there will be no shortage of topics on the future of offshore wind, grid development, local content, port infrastructure, services in the wind sector or occupational safety.

Offshore wind energy is one of the main pillars of Poland’s energy transition. Numerous studies have indicated that by 2040 the onshore and offshore wind sectors can guarantee nearly 200,000 new jobs and more than 450 billion zlotys of value to the Polish economy. However, the local supply chain for offshore and onshore wind power needs strong alliances with foreign partners.

An opportunity to make valuable business contacts and develop a framework for effective cooperation for the offshore market will arise at the International Supplier Day, which will be held on June 6 during the PWEA2024 Conference in Swinoujscie. The main focus of the International Suppliers Day will be a discussion on the future of the offshore industry in the Baltic Sea Basin and how to use experience from the marine industry to build an offshore wind industry. Attention will focus on national specialties and what the model for European supply chain development should look like. An important thread will also be to ensure the operational security of strategic investments that will determine the energy security of Europe and individual countries in the coming decades.

The organizers of the event will not forget about matters of joint infrastructure projects designated to build an integrated Baltic power grid, which will facilitate the integration of OWF-generated electricity in the regional market. International Suppliers Day will also include a number of workshops, amongst others, on tender proceedings for I. and II. offshore phase or the requirements for Polish suppliers in tender proceedings.

International cooperation is key to meeting EU’s 2030 RES targets

– We are uniting forces and invite you to co-create the 3rd International Supplier Day at the PWEA2024 Conference. Over the course of a day full of substantive discussions and workshops, we will develop solutions to make the transition to clean energy go hand in hand with industrial competitiveness and increasing employment across the value chain in Europe. Loaded with a wide range of events, the International Supplier Day is an avenue to build a strong European offshore and onshore supply chain and create a framework for international cooperation in this area – emphasizes Piotr Czopek, Vice-President of the Wind Industry Hub Foundation and Director for Regulation at PWEA.

Polish companies will have an excellent opportunity to establish business contacts with industry players from major foreign offshore markets. This is a unique opportunity for new business relationships and a chance to enter Western markets!
The event will be attended by, among others: representatives of the European Commission, ambassadors of countries around the Baltic Sea, key ministers managing the offshore development area, as well as investors with international experience in offshore wind farm development.

This year, the main host of the International Supplier Day will be the Wind Industry Hub (WIH), which will set up a special exhibition area for WIH cooperators.

Discounted admission tickets and the agenda are available at: https://www.konferencjapsew.pl/articles/3-day