Survey Association announce establishment of new office and representation for Marine Consultancy and Marine Warranty Services (MWS) in the Polish offshore wind market. The Gdynia Office will be headed up by Capt. Pawel Sztorch and Capt. Peter Jermakow.

Survey Association has been involved in offshore wind energy since the 1990s, having acted as MWS on various wind farm projects, including the Veja Mate Wind Farm.

“The Polish offshore wind market is still in its early stages and we want to be present with strong local surveyors to support the industry” said Pawel Sztorch, General Manager of Survey Association in Poland.

The Polish parliament adopted earlier this year the Polish Offshore Wind Act, paving the way to develop offshore wind in the Baltic Sea, and Poland targets to have 4GW installed by 2030.

“We want to be present with boots on the ground to support the developing Polish offshore industry and the offshore wind clients with our experience” said Henrik Uth, CEO of Survey Association.

“We’re looking forward to sharing the knowledge we have built over decades working in the European offshore wind energy sectors to benefit the developing Polish market,” said Søren Pedersen, Director and head of Offshore Wind at Survey Association.

As MWS, Survey Association acts as the insurance underwriters’ representatives, making certain that offshore wind projects follow industry best practices as well as safeguarding against potential risks. Through collaboration and pragmatic solutions, early involvement from project inception through to completion, Survey Association uses a team of experienced marine professionals to deliver projects on time and within budget.