Swedish investor Vattenfall has purchased majority stakes in two offshore wind projects off the coast of Gothenburg from wind energy company Zephyr.

The two offshore wind projects, Vidar and Poseidon, are located between 25 and 27 kilometers off the west coast, north of Gothenburg. Vattenfall’s ownership share after the acquisition will amount to 85 percent. The developer reports that the projects are at an early stage of development. Vattenfall and Zephyr will further develop them and apply for the necessary building permits. Vidar and Poseidon, consisting mainly of floating wind turbines, are expected to have a combined capacity of 2.8 GW and an annual production of 10.5 TWh.

“They will also support our development of important floating technology to reduce the environmental impact of wind farms and enable energy production in locations further away from land”, says Helene Biström, Head of Business Area Wind at Vattenfall.

The Poseidon offshore wind farm project involves the installation of 61-94 wind turbines with a total overall height of 260-340 meters. The total installed capacity will reach 1400 MW. Annual electricity production is estimated at 5500 GWh of energy. The planned commissioning of the wind power plant is set for 2031.

Poseidon offshore wind farm project

The Vidar wind farm project envisages the installation of 66-91 wind turbines with a total capacity of 1400 MW. The total height of the turbines is expected to be 260-340 meters, annual production – 5500 GWh. The farm will be operational in 2031.

Vidar offshore wind farm project

Vattenfall is a leader in offshore wind energy with 12 active offshore wind farms and more than 2 GW of capacity in development.

Zephyr began operations in Norway in 2006 and has since expanded to Iceland and Sweden, with its Swedish office located in Gothenburg. Since its inception, Zephyr has developed and built approximately 800 MW of wind power capacity. Zephyr is owned by Norwegian state-owned energy companies Østfold Energi, Vardar and Glitre Energi.